Sponsoring Children

Sponsoring Children :

The Mountain Trust in cooperation with Your Home On Crete enables sponsors to help the neediest Nepali children to attend school. These include orphans and children born into riverbed families.

We only channel funds to children who we have made thorough checks on and can be sure their need is genuine.

We organise Sponsorships for around 100 Students a year - from Primary to Secondary, Tertiary and Higher Education levels. We do our best to ensure regular feedback on the progress of the children to their sponsors. Sponsors are free to send letters and modest gifts to their sponsored student(s) via the Mountain Trust. Sponsors may visit their sponsored students accompanied by a member of the Trust's staff. For further details, please ask.

The cost of sponsoring a child is very low by Western standards - from approximately €50 - €80 for a year's education including school fees, uniform and books. That's not even € 1 a week! Considering it costs around 2-3,000 Pounds a year to put a British Student through Secondary education in the public sector, the difference illustrates the inherent inequalities of opportunity.

The minimum commitment is for a year and we ask Sponsors to support their Student(s) for at least three years to avoid disrupting their education.

Until now, I myself have been a guarantee that the sponsor's money reaches its target, I have visited Nepal for the last 10 years and have personally been able to follow the progress of "my" children and speak to parents and schoolmasters. I also have personally handed over the checks to the headmaster of the Bal Mandir school - we never hand over the money in the hand of the families but rather give the funds straight to the school.

For more information about the sponsorships, please contact info@yourhomeoncrete.com and surf the sites www.mountain-trust.org and http://www.yourhomeoncrete.com/en/charities_we_support.aspx

Thank you for your support!!!

Miette Lauwers