Brand New Homes| Greece | Chania


Building your own house starts with choosing your plot.  We will show you the available plots, according to whether you prefer sea views, mountain views, close to amenities, beach or further inland.

The next step is to obtain the building permit.  We will liaise with a local architect/engineer and you will be able to discuss your ideas , such as the layout of your home, size and style - they will offer advice and draw up the plans within the regulations according to Greek law. 

It takes approx. three to four months to obtain the building permit, and thereafter about eight to ten months to build a new property until completion. 

Creating your own project gives you the opportunity to use your imagination, fantasy and knowledge to create and realize your own personalized dream home.

We will complete a Specification Form for your new home, which will include all the details such as tiles, woodwork, kitchen units, accessories, internal colors etc.

Compared to northern European countries, it is important for you to consider the outside spaces, as you will spend much more time entertaining and living outdoors. We recommend you allocate more floor area to outdoor verandas, patios and balconies. These outside areas are not included in the square meters allocated in the building permit. On a two-storey home, larger balconies can be created by designing smaller rooms on the top floor.

Even though the plot of land may be on an incline, this can be used to your advantage by creating downstairs bedrooms which will be much cooler, therefore not requiring air conditioning units.

When deciding the position of your house on the plot, you should take into account the wind and sun direction, and avoid large openings towards the west because for most of the day the sun will shine strongly inside the rooms, requiring shutters to be closed to avoid the heat as well as the excessive use of the air conditioning units.