Agios Nikolaos Theseas - €850,000

for sale
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Peloponnese / Mani
Location: Agios Nikolaos
View: Sea & mountain
Price: € 850,000
Land Size: 19,247 m²
Swimming Pool: Room for
Agent's fees are not included in advertised price
The land for sale is located in the Municipality of West Mani of the Regional Unity of Messinia, at a distance of 46 km from Kalamata.

Specifically, it is located in the area defined by the villages of Stoupa, Neochori, Pyrgos, Riglia and Agios Nikolaos. The nearest village, to which it belongs "geographically", is Agios Nikolaos, a coastal village with a picturesque harbor from which, it is only 1.5 km away.

In continuation of Agios Nikolaos, to the southeast and without interruption of the residential continuity, is also beach, Agios Dimitrios. To the northwest, at a distance of 4 km, is Stoupa, a beach village also a well-known resort. Access to the area for sale is from the Kalamata-Areopolis provincial road, at the height of Agios Nikolaos and in fact from two different points, with a route of 810 m from the west and 710 m from the east.

The access roads are asphalted and after they meet, they develop into an asphalted municipal road that connects the villages of Agios Nikolaos and Pyrgos. On this road, through which the water supply and electricity network passes, the area has two different faces. A south-west one 63 m long and an east-south-east one 208 m long. There is also a third face, 30 m long, on a narrower dirt road, in the north-western part. The land of the area, is 19,248m2, the terrain is sloping with mostly gentle slopes, the orientation is south-southwest, the distance from the sea is 700 m. and the view is unlimited towards the Messinian Gulf.

The size, the slopes, the view, the accesses, the faces of the area and the existing infrastructure create conditions for any kind of exploitation in the tourist-hotel sector, with the possibility of erecting buildings with a maximum total area of 3,464m2. This is also supported by the proximity to Kalamata and its airport, located at a distance of 57 km, with a travel time of 1 hour and 12 minutes, as well as the proximity to Eastern Mani. We also note the possibility of dividing the area into sections, each of which will have an area greater than 4 acres, so that it is even and buildable.

The subdivision allows the construction of independent houses with a total area equal to 802m2, if the sections are four.

We clarify that this is a "net internal area" as long as the construction is made with stonework at least 0,50m thick, the area of which is not counted in the building factor, which also applies to the case of a tourist unit.


Note: approximate location




• From kalamata: 46km
• Stoupa: 4km
• From the sea: 700m
• Airport: 57km