Kontomari is a historic village located just 2km from Maleme on the north coast of Crete.

The village itself doesn't have any amenities to offer but it has an important monument in the village square, dedicated to the male civilian heroes which were executed on June 2nd 1941 by the Nazis, during World War II, in retaliation for participating in the Battle of Crete.

The famous Battle of Crete began on the 20th May 1941 with an airborne invasion aiming to conquer Crete's strategic locations. One of these locations was the airstrip of Maleme and its surrounding regions, including Kontomari. The invaders faced strong resistance and severe losses and the villagers of Kontomari were blamed for the death of a few German soldiers whose bodies were found near the village. That is when on the 2nd of June, men, women and children were forced to gather at the village square where a selection of men were chosen and then shot in the olive groves. The women and children were released.

So every year on the 2nd of June there is a ceremony at the monument, to honor those men.

There is a mini market and pharmacy down the road and also a non sandy beach, keeping it quiet and peaceful compare to the major tourist resort of Platanias which is 5km from Kontomari.

Maleme village offers amenities all year round while Chania city is just a 25 minute drive. Chania airport is a 40 minute drive.